"Crafting dreams, creating memories."

At Nuvi our passion lies in crafting unique pieces that resonate with your essence. Our design philosophy thrives on fresh creativity, weaving your ideas into finely curated masterpieces.
Our skilled artisans are dedicated to translating your vision into reality, ensuring each detail is meticulously tailored to perfection.

Share your inspirations, ideas, and preferences with us, and we'll design a piece that encapsulates your story beautifully.


Process of Making a Nuvi Jewel

The Inspiration

At Nuvi, our design process commences with a quest for inspiration, as it forms the cornerstone of our mission to create unique and meaningful pieces. We find our wellspring of inspiration in the vibrant tapestry of stories interwoven within India's rich cultural heritage. These timeless narratives, passed down through generations, are the very soul of each creation we design. Each Nuvi piece tells a captivating and evocative story, giving life to our brand's essence and vision.

Designing Excellence: The Heart of Nuvi Jewels

Nuvi Jewels design ethos mirrors Aarzoo's insightful approach to design and history. Each creation starts as a sketch, a blank canvas for exploring fresh forms and spontaneous artistic expressions. Within our Design Studio, these sketches are meticulously nurtured and meticulously crafted into exquisite designs, manifesting the perfect fusion of creativity and craftsmanship.

Craftsmanship: The Making of Nuvi Jewels

Following the design phase, our skilled artisans take center stage. Their craft is akin to alchemy, transforming precious metals into wearable art. Each piece they create not only honors tradition but also encapsulates the essence of cultural narratives, showcasing the pinnacle of Indian craftsmanship. This process brings our designs to life.

Process of making Nuvi's Jewels

Excellence in Every Detail: Quality Check

At Nuvi Jewels, we live by the mantra "Excellence in Every Detail." Before dispatching your jewelry, we leave no stone unturned to ensure that each piece is perfected to its utmost. Our commitment to delivering the finest craftsmanship guarantees that every Nuvi creation is a masterpiece that will exceed your expectations.

Packing and Dispatching your Nuvi Jewels

After completing all the processes, the final step is dispatching your Nuvi to you. Each piece is packed in an airtight zip-lock pouch, ensuring the longevity of its plating. Your jewelry is accompanied by cotton drawstring bags for convenient storage when not in use and elegant boxes to keep your cherished jewels safe and secure.