Jewelry Care

At Nuvi Jewels, we take pride in handcrafting each piece with 925 silver. But, as you already know, it is in the nature of silver to tarnish (a slow process of oxidization in contact with moisture in the air which leads to ‘blackening’ or tarnishing of the surface.) However, with proper care, you can maintain its brilliance for an extended period.

To ensure your Nuvi retain their shine, we recommend the following care tips:

  • The key to having silver jewelry look good for the longest time is to not wet it. If it does get wet, wipe with a soft dry cloth as soon as you can.

  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Exposure to chemicals including perfumes is harmful, so it is best to spray perfume prior to putting on your jewelry. Chlorine and bromine in pools and hot tubs are particularly damaging to stones and metal so avoid wearing jewelry in the pool, tub or sauna.

  • Storage: Store silver jewelry in re-sealable plastic pouches, zip-lock bags or soft cloth pouches. Each piece should be kept in an individual pouch to avoid scratches and early wearing-off of the gold plating.

  • Gentle Cleaning: Opt for a soft, non-abrasive cloth to gently clean your pieces, removing any light tarnish and restoring their luster.

  • Avoid Water Exposure: While our jewelry is designed for everyday wear, it's best to remove it before activities involving water to prevent unnecessary tarnishing.

  • Keep the jewelry in a dark, cool place such as a drawer. Humid places such as bathrooms will cause the pieces to tarnish more quickly.

  • Wear your jewelry as often as possible: jewelry tarnishes less when it is worn- trust us on this one!

  • Re-Plating: Over time, the gold plating on your jewelry may wear off. If you wish to have your piece re-plated after some time, we would be happy to do so at a nominal charge.

Material Specifications

At Nuvi Jewels, we use sterling silver exclusively for our jewelry. Unlike pure silver, which is beautiful but too soft for durable jewelry, our sterling silver combines 92.5% pure silver with 7.5% copper. This infusion of copper enhances the silver's hardness and durability without compromising its elegant color. Each Nuvi Jewels piece is marked with the 925 hallmark, ensuring the use of genuine sterling silver.

If you have any questions, or would like more assistance and advice, please contact us at